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FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels (pair) Red Color

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  • Cobra Minisumo Wheels are top-quality competition wheels.
    - The fiberglass-infused nylon hubs are designed with a ring of captive holes for locking the tire tread in place.
    - Tire tread composed of Shore A20 polyurethane makes these the highest traction wheels you can buy.
    - The wheel is designed to envelop a 16mm gearbox. Perfect where length is a concern. ( Forceup motors with these wheels will fit into the 10cm width limit of minisumo events.)
    - An extra-long setscrew allows you to easily tighten the wheels onto a 3mm motor shaft.
    - Setscrew is accessed through tire. 
    Hub material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon - "lock channels" ensure the tread can't peel off the hub
    Tire material: Shore A20 polyurethane, professionally vacuum-degassed
    Coefficient of Friction (against smooth unpainted MDF wood): μ=1.75 (Silicone μ=1.30, Rubber μ=1.05)
    Diameter: 3.00cm (1.18")
    Width: 2.16cm (0.85")
    Inner diameter: 1.76cm (0.688")
    Shaft bore: 3mm (0.118") - you can easily drill the bore for larger motor shafts
    Weight: 12.6grams each (0.44oz) - light wheels mean you can add more weight to the bottom of your chassis; below the bot's center of gravity where it should be!

    Tip: Clean the tires with isopropyl alcohol wipes before each match for optimal traction.

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